Steven Miers

Steven is our awesome director and loves camping. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge from his farming background and loves having a good chat with people.

Operations Coordinator

Dan McNaughton

Dan is 2IC, our go to guy for anything around site. He brings a vast set of skills to the team from building to odd sock wearing. You'll often find him fixing things around camp, helping Host, or dreaming up new ideas. 

Office Coordinator

Juliette Shaw
Juliette is originally from Canada, but has made New Zealand her 2nd home. She loves to bake, is our accounts whizz and gets the jobs done quickly!

Bookings Manager

Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep works as our wonderful bookings manager. She answers the phone and keeps on top of all the bookings. 

Ministry Coordinator

Monique Riddell

Monique takes the lead role in organising our Holiday Camp programs. With a Bachelors in Event Management under her belt she is a wizz with a spreadsheet and loves to plan and organise.

Leader Coordinator

Toni Gonçalves
Toni has a passion for youth and looks after all things leaders. She was a camper, leader, intern and is now staff here at CYC. She is a regular helper in the kitchen and makes a delicious Mac 'n' Cheese!


Nick Dodds

The majority of Nick's time is spent working on grounds and maintenance during the week. In the weekends he is your "go to guy" as he does the majority of the hosting.

Host/Activities Instructor

Reuben Zegwaard

Reuben has been part of the CYC team for a few years now from intern to full time staff. He's a host and activities instructor and loves a good book.

Instructor/ Host

Miria Inia

Miria was an intern in 2020 and is the latest addition to the instructor/host team. She does many things around camp but her main jobs are to host groups and help instruct activities.

Kitchen Coordinator

Nat Feldon

Nat runs our kitchen. He not only cooks but is an essential member of our maintenance team.

Alex Miers

PA to Director

Alex interned with us in 2018 and was such a massive help we had to keep her around! Alex is now full time after finishing her business degree in HR and Marketing.


Callahan Jones

(Pathways Intern)

Callahan is on our intern team for 2021. He caught the travel bug at a young age and has spent time in a variety of counties. He's a big fan of music and loves a good dress up party. 

Ashleigh Smith

(Pathways Intern)

Ashleigh is an avid adventurer, from ski instructor to world traveler she loves it all. She's one of our 2021 interns and we can't wait to see what she gets up to this year!

Tatiana Elisara

(Pathways Intern)

Tatiana is a keen go getter. She is stoked to be an intern at CYC this year and help with all the Kids camps. She loves to clean, is a wizz in the kitchen and makes some scrumptious nachos.

Angelina Stowers

(Outdoor Recreation Intern)

Angelina loves Kids Camps and anything outdoors. She is our Outdoor Recreation intern for 2021. She's keen to learn as many skills as she can this year and we are so excited to support her in this!

Pathways Intern

Our interns are placement through Pathways College. This internship is unique as it is balanced between 50% ministry and 50% study. Their ministry is 15 hours paid work and 15 hours volunteered. Their study is towards a diploma in Christian Ministries and is made up of six week long block courses throughout the year and online assignments. Contact if you are interested in this internship or head onto our intern page

Outdoor Recreation Intern

We're developing a further internship programme that is more activities based than our other internship. You will get qualified in climbing and other activities through your choice of papers with skills active as well as a few papers focused on bible study through a bible college. This internship is a lot more flexible as it is still new. Apply with interest to

Part Time Staff

Jane Miers

Jane is Steven's wife. In-between homeschooling their kids she looks after our gardens and keeps them looking spectacular!

Tori Miers

Tori helps all round camp from part time office work to part time kitchen work she dabbles in it all. She loves a good challenge and is always up for a beach trip.

Shoshanah Ballard

Shoshanah is at uni, but in her spare time she helps in the office and kitchen. She is a hard worker and is always ready for a chat.


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