Support, Donations & Sponsorship

There are many ways you can help CYC. This can be done through prayer, your physical help or contributing financially.

We have lots of projects that need to be done in order to keep this place running that need financial support. Or you could help sponsor a child or teen to holiday camp.

Please see below for things we're fundraising for and projects we're working on! Or contact

Christian Youth Camps Inc 06-0377-0061946-00 - Please use Name & how you're wanting to donate your money as a reference.

An alternatively go onto to send a child to camp all over the country.

Thanks! We so appreciate your support. 

Things we're fundraising for


A couple years ago, we had issues with the chapel foundations which meant our chapel was no longer able to be used.
We're seriously missing a place to meet and have chapel times during our holiday camps, so we're dreaming big and hoping to build a brand new in door chapel to have a place for chapel times for our camps as well as a meeting place (that's not the gym!) for groups using our site.
This will also help to contain the joyful noise CYC often has from groups using our facilities that is not always easy on our neighbors!


We currently have 3 playgrounds around camp that we'd love to renew! This will be around $80k each.
We're hoping to make these bright, fun and safe for your kids to play on during camps!

Sponsor guest speakers

At our camps we have speakers that come in to run our chapel times. These speakers give up a week/weekend to come and serve us. We like to give them a donation to say thank you and the money would go towards that.

Staff Accommodation

To further our new training programmes, we need accommodation to house our interns and volunteer staff. Living on CYC property means we get to grow these people in a Christian community amongst our staff. With the growing number of people wanting to be involved here at CYC, we have outnumbered the staff accommodation we have - a good and bad thing!

Projects underway!

Repainting the out side of all Camp Buildings

We have all but repainted the outside of Camp, now its time for the inside!

New Boating Lake

We have almost completed turning the old swamp into a new boating Lake, just some grass seed and a new fence and its all finished!

Bush Chapel Camp One

We have recently rebuilt the seating and stage at the bush Chapel and with the help of our Leaders in Training cleared a lot of tress and under growth in and around it.

Sponsor kids to camp

We want to fill this camp up with the joyful noise of children, however some families cannot afford to send their children to camp. Donating anything you can to this cause would mean allowing our 'CYC sponsored camper' number to go up and allowing more kids enjoying this beautiful campsite!  God is so good though that in an exciting announcement we have recently received a bequeath that has meant we have exceeded our current target for our sponsorship fund, praise God!

Chapel Camp Two

After the old Chapel become unstable some years ago we have rebuilt it as an outdoor chapel with a fire pit nearby and a lovely new stair case and deck to access it from the main car park.