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Support, Donations & Sponsorship

There are many ways you can help CYC. This can be done through prayer, your physical help or contributing financially.

We have lots of projects that need to be done in order to keep this place running that need financial support. Or you could help sponsor a child or teen to a holiday camp?

We are always working on improving the site, and things like new carpet and furniture upgrades, as well as renovating the older bathrooms, are always on the to-do list, but there are also much bigger projects that we are saving for!  

The generations that went before us dreamed big, and they dreamed far into the future, and we are too!  

We have plans for new accommodation at Camp One, New volunteer and short-term staff accommodation.  New changing rooms and bathrooms for the swimming pools, new and longer flying foxes and an outdoor abseiling tower.  

Purchasing neighbouring homes to secure CYC into the future is something else we would love to do. This could be used to provide a combination of staff housing and camp accommodation a little away from the main areas and be provided to people and families such as people in ministry and missionaries home on furlough to rest and recuperate.

In the medium term, we have plans to extend the current Gymnasium to help provide a better auditorium space.

But our long-term goal, and by far our biggest project, is building a new main Chapel in the centre of camp to replace the old Chapel that has been rebuilt into an exciting outdoor Chapel space.  

We want God to be at the centre of everything we do at CYC, and while a new Chapel would be by far the largest project of recent times, we think it would be well worth the investment!

Please get in touch with us at  or email the Director at for further information.

Our Bank account is Christian Youth Camps Inc 06-0377-0061946-00 - Please use your name & how you're wanting your gift used as a reference.

Or alternatively, to help sponsor a child to a camp in another part of the country, please check out

Thanks!  We so appreciate your support; we literally cannot do this without you!

Plans for the future!

Gymnasium/Auditorium extension

Possible gymnasium extension to help with running activates and using it in a dual purpose use as an auditorium

The Gym would have a far larger surface area by having additional length added to it, also with the addition of more bathrooms including showers, a kitchen, and a new storage area

New accommodation at Camp One

For many years CYC has been keen to expand and upgrade the cabins at Camp One to be more in line with the new accommodation added in the nineties at Camp Two.

This would include six new four cabin pods with internal bathrooms, a teachers/leaders bedroom with ensuite and full insulation and heating.

Five of the pods would be single story while the sixth would be two story to allow for a laundry, storage and additional bathrooms underneath.  This would also allow for a large deck with sweeping views across camp.

Repurposing of the current workshop and craft room

The current workshop is also part of a larger building that currently includes the craft room and a two bedroom staff flat.

We would love to convert the workshop and craft room into four self contained flats with a communal lounge and kitchen.  Our dream is to provide more year long internships and volunteer places at CYC and start to run a summer training program for young people.

To do this we would need to add more staff accommodation.  The first step in the process to convert the old workshop would be to build a new workshop in a new location away from where it currently is in the center of the staff accommodation area.

Then it would be time to convert the old workshop into accommodation. When the current craft room was upgraded it was done with becoming the kitchen and common room in mind and so it already has double glazing and full insulation, the rest of the workshop would then be completely rebuilt to become four rooms with ensuites and a new laundry.

Recently completed projects!

Repainting Camp Buildings

We have painted almost all of the outside of Camp One and Camp Two and all but one of Camp One's rooms on the inside.

Mind you our dedicated paint storage room would suggest there is till a lot of work to do!

Bush Chapel Camp One

We have recently rebuilt the seating and the stage at the bush Chapel and with the help of our Leaders in Training cleared a lot of tress and under growth in and around it.

Chapel Camp Two

After the old Chapel become unstable some years ago we have rebuilt it as an outdoor chapel with a fire pit nearby and a lovely new stair case and deck to access it from the main car park. Just some planting and the down pipes and this project is finished.

Sponsor kids to camp

We want to fill this camp up with the joyful noise of children, however some families cannot afford to send their children to camp. Donating anything you can to this cause would mean allowing our 'CYC sponsored camper' number to go up and allowing more kids enjoying this beautiful campsite!  God is so good though that in an exciting announcement we have recently received a bequeath that has meant we have exceeded our current target for our sponsorship fund, praise God!


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