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Want to get involved at CYC?

At CYC we have a range of leadership opportunities and exciting ways for you to be involved. Check out the info below for more info about the different roles.

Being a leader or helper at a holiday camp is one of the most rewarding and coolest things you can do in your holiday. In the space of 5 days you get to become a friend, a helper, a bed time story teller, a big brother/sister, a hero and a light for Jesus to an awesome bunch of kids you'll never forget, or who will never forget you! CYC is here to help you become the best you can in all of the above.

Leadership Opportunities

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What we need from you!

Requirements of a leader

All leaders should exhibit the following

  • An existing and growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Demonstrate Christ to your campers in the way you speak and act.
  • Total commitment to your campers and attentiveness towards the tasks required of you this week.
  • Be able to not let personal problems inhibit you from attending to the needs of the campers– as they are your first priority.
  • Be in control of your moods and emotions, and be able to show patience and love in trying and difficult circumstances.
  • Be mature to care for the needs of the children within your cabin without supervision by staff members.
  • Be creative and imaginative, looking for ways to enhance the camper's camping experience.
  • Show initiative in all things. Seek out ‘extra’ opportunities to serve.
  • Be able to follow instructions and handle responsibility given to you.
  • A leader should be loyal, fair, humble, enthusiastic, teachable, consistent, friendly, outgoing, kind, encouraging, decisive, genuine and godly.
  • Have integrity both while you’re at camp and also when you’re home.
Mission - To share the Good News of Jesus ChristReflect Jesus in all areasTreat all with the Love they deserveUse the resources God has given us

To share the Good News of Jesus Christ

Reflect Jesus in all areas

Treat all with the Love they deserve

Use the resources God has given us

What we aim to do at Camp:

  • To inspire campers to build their own relationship with Jesus.
  • To be a role model, like Jesus is to us.
  • To show campers they are important to God, and to build up their self-esteem.
  • To recognise that each child has individual talents and abilities, and foster an environment that helps them grow in them.
  • To love people, because they may not receive love at home.
  • To give young people opportunities to serve the Lord.

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