Steven Miers
Steven is our awesome director and loves camping. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge from his farming background and loves having a good chat with people.

Operations Coordinator

Ben Cochrane
Ben and his family think camp is the best place! He loves hosting, holiday camps and making the place look good!

Ministry Coordinator

Grace Bruce
Grace has been on our kitchen team, but besides food, she also has a passion for people so she is now our Ministry Coordinator. She takes the lead role in organizing our Holiday Camp programs.  Grace alongside her husband Cameron, are the go to people when it comes to our leaders here at camp.

Office Manager

Watch this space?!
We are in the process of finding a new person to fill this key role at Camp

Bookings Manager

Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep has been with us for almost a year and is a great asset to the team. Originally from India but has studied and lived in New Zealand before joining us here at CYC. Mandeep would love to help you book with us!

Head Maintenance

Les Irvine
Les is our grounds and maintenance man. He has a wide range of skills and can fix almost anything! He has a huge job and a very long "to do" list that never seems to get shorter.


Nick Dodds
The majority of Nick's time is spent working on grounds and maintenance during the week. In the weekends he is your "go to guy" as he does the majority of the hosting.


Brett Falconer
Brett is a massive asset around camp and helps out with a variety of stuff, whether it be hosting, maintenance or programme directing.

Instructor/ Host

Cameron Bruce
Cameron does many things around camp but his main jobs are to host, instruct on the climbing wall, and helps Grace mentor the leaders at camp.

Head Chef

James Doyle
James has been with us for 7 years now. He and his family moved here from Scotland and James loves to create delicious meals. He is enthusiastic and always has a joke or two on the tip of his tongue.

Second Chef

Nat Feldon
Nat is our 2nd chef. He not only cooks but is an essential member of our maintenance team.

Part Time Staff

Alex Miers

Alex interned with us in 2018 and was such a massive help we had to keep her around! Alex is only part time now as she is also busy studying

Shoshanah Miers

Shoshanah is at uni, but in her spare time she helps in the office and kitchen. She is a hard worker and is always ready for a chat.


Katarina Hadley

Kat was one of our leaders for many years and has decided to do our internship through Pathways. Kat is enthusiastic about activities and holiday camps!

Toni Goncalves

Toni was one of our leaders for years before deciding to do the internship through Pathways. Toni loves holidays camps and serving the Lord through all things

Reuben Zegwaard

Reuben was a leader at Karakariki Christian Camp for years before joining CYC as an intern. Reuben is doing our new activities internship and is studying climbing qualifications and more through Skills active 

Our interns are placement through Pathways College. This internship is unique as it is balanced between 50% ministry and 50% study. Their ministry is 15 hours paid work and 15 hours volunteered. Their study is towards a diploma in Christian Ministries and is made up of six week long block courses throughout the year and online assignments. Contact if you are interested in this internship or head onto our intern page


We currently have no volunteers at CYC. Please get in contact if you would like to volunteer for a period of time here at camp!