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Mission - To share the Good News of Jesus ChristReflect Jesus in all areasTreat all with the Love they deserveUse the resources God has given us

To share the Good News of Jesus Christ

Reflect Jesus in all areas

Treat all with the Love they deserve

Use the resources God has given us

Become a leader!

Are you interested in being either a leader or a helper during one of the school holiday Camps we run at CYC? We would love to have you! 

Please fill out the Leaders Contract to the left, and also fill out the Police Vetting underneath this text box- you can email the vetting from along with a form of photo ID (or birth cert if photo ID unavailable) to All of our leaders will be required to be police vetted. Once you have been successful in your leaders application, you can then register for the next Kids Camp - ask our Ministry Coordinator for the leaders coupon code.  

We are always looking for:

  • Cabin Leaders (age 14+)
  • Helper Leaders (age 16+)
  • Leaders in Training (age 13+)

In order to keep training and growing our leaders, we require all of our LITS/Leaders to attend at least one of the two leadership training camps we run each year. These are for anyone aged 13 and up who is looking into becoming not only a leader at CYC holiday camps, but also in their everyday life outside of camp. This is a great weekend filled with lots of amazing food, fun, information and bible studies where you'll learn more about God. 

Being a leader or helper at a holiday camp is one of the most rewarding and coolest things you can do in your holiday. In the space of 5 days you get to become a friend, a helper, a bed time story teller, a big brother/sister, a hero and a light for Jesus to an awesome bunch of kids you'll never forget, or who will never forget you! CYC is here to help you become the best you can in all of the above.


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