Local Sights

There is so much to explore in and around CYC! Whether you have 30 minutes or 3 hours, there is a walk to suit all ages and abilities.

We have two tracks within camp if you're looking for a shorter walk- the ZigZag and Waterfall tracks are marked tracks through native bush and are around 30 minutes long. At night time, you can see some glowworms along a few parts of the Waterfall track. 

If you are looking for something longer and more advanced, there is a 2 hour loop track and 2.5 hour loop track leaving from camp also. 

Please find further information and maps in the links below. 

Firewood Creek is either a 25 minutes or a 2.15 hour hike to the site where you can play games, have a picnic lunch or camp overnight for an extra adventure! 


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